Boards, Baskets & Snacks

Bread & Crackers 3 per person – Includes selection of house-made breads & crackers

Charcuterie & Cheese 9 for 1 / 25 for 3 / 42 for 6 – Served with crostinis and accoutrements

Stuffed Dates, ‘Nduja, gorgonzola, bacon 1ea / 4 for 6

Deviled Eggs, pickles, smoked paprika 2ea / 9 for 6

Steak Sliders, quail egg, tapenade, truffle aioli 8ea / 15 for 2

Bruschetta, mozzarella, cherry tomato, pesto 2ea / 5 for 3

Crab Cakes, dijonnaise, Piment d’Espelette 8ea/ 14 for 2

Shrimp, cocktail sauce, lemon 3ea / 15 for 6

Oysters*, pickled watermelon granita 4ea / 20 for 6

Tasting Menu

3-Course Tasting Menu, pick one item from each of the following courses, might get some surprises… 35

Soup & Salad

Sunchoke Soup, chive oil 6

Bistro Salad, bibb lettuce, shallot, pine nuts, cab vin 8

Jewel Salad, ricotta, melon, honeyed pistachios, balsamic 10

Steak Carpaccio, parmesan, frisee, sherry vin, EVO0 12


Risotto alla Milanese, lobster, chorizo, saffron 11

Gnocchi, pecorino, truffled marsala cream 10

Cacio e Pepe, pecorino, cracked pepper 8

Sweet Potato Agnolotti, cranberry sage brown butter 9


Duck Confit, sticky lentils, garlic croutons 17

Steak Diane* mushroom bordelaise, Robuchon potatoes 20

Sole Meuniere, lemon, capers, wilted greens 19

Eggplant Parm, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pickle peps 16

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness



The entirety of Postmark as an event venue is available for private bookings. For further details on any of these facets of Postmark Restaurant contact our team.

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